When planning your special day, there is so much to think about.  While music is at the center of your event, you also need to ensure a great Master of Ceremonies is at the helm; reading the room and adhering to the client's wishes while the event takes form.  Clients often feel overwhelmed by the process of planning an event and don't know where to begin or end. NO WORRIES... we've been doing this for a long time and have mastered how to put together the perfect event for every wedding, party, celebration, prom, corporate event, celebrity birthday party, movie wrap party or downtown event.  Whatever your need, Don will make sure the necessary staff and talent is there to provide a seamless and stress-free event!

Below are just some of the "Add-on Features" you can include on your special day.  If you don't see something there, by all means, enquire with Don how to get it there!


    Adding additional special effect lighting for any event is highly suggested.  Lights and how they are utilized will enhance any event and bring it up a notch.  With our "Uplighting Add-On," we will size the number of lights necessary for your venue, while giving you the option to use static colors or something more dynamic where we change the colors throughout the night and during dance time.  Depending on where your event is being held, time of day and space, our experts will provide beautiful uplighting to enhance your experience!


    Let's face it, we all love the lights flashing while we dance the night away!  Our "Dance Lighting Upgrade" adds a new layer of special effect lighting to the lighting experience.  Because this is a specialized upgrade, Don will go over your options based on where the event location is, total space of dance floor and what you're looking for.  Lighting equipment includes but is not limited to washes, haze, moving lights, strobes, UV lighting and more.


    Whether your event is indoors or outdoors depending on your space and crowd, it may require extra sound reinforcement. Our "Wireless Speaker Add-On" is great for those hard to reach places where "BEING HEARD" is critical.  Much larger events of 200 or more people will have their own special sound needs.  In these cases, we provide additional sound equipment that supports larger events as well as outdoor locations.  These options will be offered to you as an add-on, if needed.  You can take a deep breath, your PA system and music WILL BE HEARD!


    The new "IT" factor to all events, especially weddings, birthday parties and bar & bat mitzvah's are the photo and video booths.  Who doesn't want to immortalize their special day with Photo Booth fun, props to play around with and more.  This add-on is a must at parties and will leave the special couple, person or organization with a lifetime of memories!


    Traditionally, this add-on consisted of a theater light with a cut piece of steel to show a monogram, pattern or image.  Our monogram projection utilizes high powered video projectors, so you don't have to be stuck with a plain old white logo. We provide stock or custom images and motion video in full color. Get creative and have us create something one of a kind for your event.  This projection works beautifully on walls, floors, and ceilings. Available as a specialized add-on, utilizing this technique immediately classes up any special day! For monogram ideas check out


    Pass the mic started at a friend's Rehearsal Dinner BBQ event in St. James Waterway Park!  We had planned an event for all the family and friends flying into the wedding (which I also DJ'd the following day).  Somewhere in the middle of the night, Journey started playing and I started moving through the crowd passing the mic to whoever wanted to sing along with the song.  It, of course, was a BIG HIT and is often requested; thus this new add-on, "Pass The Mic" can be featured at any event.  You pick the song and let Don do the rest....everyone loves to sing along... again providing special and memorable moments at your event!  Don also has requests from brides to let a friend or family member who is a great singer, sing a song to surprise everyone.  


    The time you set for your event is set but that doesn't mean your party is over!  If your guests are having the time of their lives and so are you, adding time to the event isn't a problem.  We actually think that's great you want to keep on going!  Don will go over "Overtime Hours" with you at the time of contract so you'll know exactly what it would cost to add time to your special day.


Don't wait until that special date is booked.  Book NOW and get your date solidified in our books.  We look forward to making your special day memorable and unique.  We're just a phone call away.